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Sub Application

Model Release Form

Debt Contract



Serving Me is a privilege.


An experienced Mistress like myself only deserves slaves that will always strive at keeping me happy.


It's your duty.

This form must be filled out completely for your application to be considered. 


 Failure to comply will result in your application being denied. 


 Those who are applying must be at least 18 years of age, NO EXCEPTIONS! 


 Duplicate Applications Will Be Denied!


Make sure you get tribute information to send along with the application.

We can contractually arrange for a sum of debt to be paid to your Queen over a certain amount of time. Of course, monetary interest on the contract builds as much as my power over you, and you’ll love every day you’re digging yourself out of your legal obligation to me.  



Application fee: $100 


The fee amount will cover the review of the application, a verbal consultation of the application you have sent, and drawing up the actual contract. I will NOT review your application until you have paid the application fee.  


This fee is separate from Initial Deposit to initiate the contract itself once approved.

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