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Model Release Form

Wanna Be featured on my website and be exposed?

It is a great privilege to be at Mistress Yuna's disposal.


It's not everyday a submissive like you can find an experienced and professional findomme in the art of erotic mindfuckery and sensual domination.


Take this as an opportunity to show that your use is not only limited to what you are able to devote monetarily to me.


i like to see dedication and results along all aspects of making my lifestyle more fantastic!


You will invest in me Mentally, Physically and Financially.


Everyday is a new opportunity to be of use to Mistress Yuna.


Never forget that...

Model Release Form Instructions

Do you desire to see me humiliate your pictures and. videos in some of my content?


Craving to see me mock you, expose you, or even use your content to make more money?


1.) First send me this model release completely filled out along with:


- A copy of your government issued photo ID


- A legible photo of your ID next to your face


- A photo of yourself holding the SIGNED MODEL RELEASE next to your face.


These documents will ONLY be used to show proof that you are over the age of 18+ and that you are providing consent to use your content.


I will not share this information.


You will sign completed document with images to:

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