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Fetish Dictionary of Kink






Diaper fetishism involves "diaper lovers" wearing diapers for sexual or erotic reasons but may not involve infant-like behavior. Individuals who experience both of these things are referred to as adult baby/diaper lovers (AB/DL, also spelled ABDL). When wearing diapers, infantilists may urinate and/or defecate in them. This fetish applies to ONLY ADULTS & DOES NOT mean that the person is attracted to minors nor is it promoted. Participants are all 18+

BDSM is a term used to describe aspects of sex that involve dominance, submission, and control. The consensual practice typically involves one partner taking on a more dominant role during sex, while the other is more submissive. The acronym BDSM can be divided into these categories: Bondage: Restricting a partner’s freedom of movement, for example, with ropes, handcuffs, or other restraints. Discipline: Agreed upon rules and punishments for a dominant partner to exert control over a submissive partner. Dominance: The act of showing dominance over a physical partner, either during sex or outside of the bedroom. Submission: The act of showing submission to the dominant partner's actions and wishes. Sadism and Masochism (or Sadomasochism): Pleasure that a partner may feel from either inflicting pain (sadism) or receiving pain (masochism), either physical or emotional.

(Cock and Ball Torture), a sexual activity involving pain or constriction applied to human penis or testicles. Cock and ball torture (CBT), penis torture or dick torture is a sexual activity involving application of pain or constriction to the penis or testicles. This may involve directly painful activities, such as genitals

Consensual Blackmail: Everyone knows Blackmail itself is illegal. On the other hand, “Consensual Blackmail” is not. Consensual-Blackmail also known as Erotic-Blackmail is in most cases a Psychosexual Fetish used for adult entertainment, sexual activities, arousing role-plays, etc. There is no LEGAL definition for Consensual Blackmail, nor is there a standardized (or generally accepted) definition for it. In my opinion, Consensual Blackmail is a kink for Accountability just to see your decision of commitment through to trigger your kink for erotic anxiety.

A man who finds arousement in watching his girlfriend/wife having sex with another man.


The wife of an adulterous husband (or partner for unmarried companions), and the gender-opposite of a cuckold A woman who gets off watching her man have sex with another woman or hearing about the sex he already had with someone else. The male takes on the role of being sexually dominant, while the female takes on a submissive role. The wife usually only becomes involved with the man or his lover when he permits it—sometimes remaining altogether celibate.


The use of hypnosis to elicit a particular sexual goal in some shape or form, whether it's a hands-free orgasm or just a pleasurable and relaxing state of mind. It involves one person guiding another person into a trance-like state using just their voice and then suggesting certain attitudes, behaviors, or actions. Erotic hypnosis has a way of enhancing the things that the subject already enjoys. It can draw things out that would otherwise stay hidden, allow the hypnotee to be more sensitive, and lower inhibition if that's what they want. It's a way of playing with sexuality in a way that is a little indirect.


A fat fetish subculture in which individuals eroticize weight gain and feeding. Feeder: An Encourager or a Feeder is a person of any sex who gets sexual gratification from making someone else, their feedee, gain weight. This role could be a dominant one where the feeder in some cases force-feed their feedee (often this is role-playing). The feeder could also be the submissive in the relationship where the feedee uses them as sort of a feeding slave. Feedee/Gainer: A person of any sex who gets sexual gratification from gaining weight often with help of a feeder, a person who helps them gain this weight. This role could be a dominant one where the feedee uses their feeder as a feeding slave. The role could also be a submissive one where the feedee is force-fed by the feeder. Admirer: A person who gets sexual gratification from seeing another person gain weight but isn't necessarily themselves a feeder. This person might experience someone else's weight gain online or as role-play.


The act of female dominance. It originates in the BDSM (bondage, discipline, sadism, and masochism) community, where a dominant describes a partner who takes charge during consensual sex acts involving power, pain, or humiliation.


Findom is a fetish of power exchange which involves the transfer of money from sub to Domme as an act of ultimate submission, as money is the ultimate representation of power in our modern society. ​ Financial Submissive (commonly referred as Finsub, Money Slaves, Paypig, HumanATM) provides tribute with gifts & monetarily as appreciation to his/her financial dominant.


To be defined as that state usually achieved after a prolonged edging session, when a man becomes completely hypnotized by the feeling radiating his penis. Since a gooning state can only be achieved after edging, the man's dick will have become mightily aroused at this point and every caress the male genitals are subjected to will trigger potent elation. As the man keeps edging and thus keeps experiencing intense pleasure, he enters a state of trance, ,where his mind intimately merges with his cock : the gooning state, where he and his dick become one. To be even more accurate, when the gooning state is achieved, the man's body becomes for all intents and purposes an appendage to his erection. When this state is achieved, the male becomes freed of all social codes of conduct, and his arousal, alone, dictates his reactions.


Much like the cuckquean kink it is a fetish that is underated by in high demand to attached men whether if they are married or in a simple relationship. The kink is predominately one sided where the wife or girlfriend is financially and sexually deemed a cuckquean based on her boyfriend/husband placing financial priority to the findomme and getting sexual gratification from being her financial submissive while depleting funds that he could have spent on his significant other. Men who seek this kind of fetish are typically in a boring or failing marriage/relationship and want to eroticize the situation so that it's easier for them. Many often seek the excuse of having their Mistress break it up for him.


A consensual BDSM scene fetish where the dominant figure of the D/S (Dominant/Submissive ) duo encourages the submissive to get intoxicated with alcohol or stupefied with poppers. What are Poppers? Poppers: A liquid hallucinogen which is used as an inhalant for the purpose of a pleasurable feeling or an immediate "rush" or sensation of intense relaxation, dizziness, euphoria, mood elevation, and intoxication.


A paraphilia involving urinating on oneself but also arousal brought on by having a full bladder, by causing someone to develop a full bladder, or by witnessing someone with a full bladder "relieve" themselves. Omorashi is a fetish for having to pee,wetting yourself,peeing in general,etc. Most notable about this fetish is watersports,peeing on things,or more commonly,other people.


The technique in BDSM sex where one person consents to something and receives something completely different, and generally not harmful. This technique os often use within the erotic hypnosis sessions.


The avant-garde form of role play used by 2 consenting adults that incorporates Racist, hurtful, & derogatory terms and comments regarding the others race, to fulfill and reach sexual pleasure. **** although this is very controversial, MOST participating in RacePlay keep things strictly sexual and do not support or advocate for racial inequities. Individuals that are into raceplay are very much into the "hatefuck"/aggressive/revenge role play scenario when it comes to roleplaying. Raceplay is a very high demand fetish with very little ppl who are willing to cater to the kink whether or not if the client/buyer consists to the role play. When it comes down to consenting on within the two individuals, that this dynamic is acceptable to provide.


TPE refers to a type of relationship: total power exchange in BDSM. The implication is that the dominant partner has complete control and authority over the submissive in all areas and at all times, even when they're not actively engaged in a scene. Most couples will, however, agree to a set of terms and limits beforehand, which can be renegotiated if it becomes necessary.

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